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* all classes are recorded and provided in the Member Portal and Member App 




*memberships are automatically recurring | cancel at any time




*all content is provided On demand online through our Member Portal and Member App

: We provide a robust Member Portal and Member App (available on the Apple and Google Play Store) where all technique focused videos are provided based on belt rank with access 24/7
+ Our On demand videos are designed to show:
- Step-by-step videos to ensure our students understand the reason behind the technique, why it's useful, and correct form. 
- We suggest your student watch the videos as many times as they need in order to feel comfortable and confident in the technique
- Train at your pace.  All technique videos are under 5 minutes which gives you flexibility for when and how long your student trains
+ Technique videos are provided by belt rank so your student know exactly what is required in order to promote to the next belt
: Live classes are provided 3 times per week via Zoom virtual conferencing
+ These classes are designed to be interactive and provide more direct feedback to our students
- Attend as many or little live classes as your schedule allows
- All live class are held at 5:30pm CST
- Monday is a beginners class, Wednesday is an advanced class, and Thursday is for all students
+ If you are unable to attend live we record all of our live classes and provide those in the Member Portal and Member App for your student's review at your convenience.
: Belt Testing is a way to show students progression in their Martial Arts training - we test through our online program just like any studio!
: Students earn reward points in the Member Portal and Member App to use for additional discounts for tuition, private lessons, and merchandise.  Earn points for things like:
+ All Star Student of the Week
+ Purchasing a Membership
+ Celebrate their birthday 
: To register you will be asked to create a login to the Member Portal  - then fill out a registration form, provide your form of payment, and electronically sign.  Please carefully read our Terms and Conditions.
: Once the registration form has been submitted your student's registration it will be reviewed by our team and you will receive a confirmation email and access to the On-Demand videos through the Member Portal and Member App (available on the Apple and Google Play Store).
: If you need to update your contact information please reach out to us at info@lonestarselfdefense.com, we communicate heavily via email please ensure your contact information is always up to date.
: Not ready to register just yet?  No problem, we offer a Free 14 day trial for our online program - there is no commitment or credit card required - select that option above and you will receive access to the Member Portal to get started!