+ All participants or parent/guardian are required to agree to the Liability Waiver - this includes free trial classes and new enrollments participating in the program.  By completing this registration you agree to the Liability Waiver.

+ The participant and parent/guardian understand that participating in any organized sport carriers certain risks of injury. I agree not to hold the Instructor or Lone Star Self Defense responsible or liable in the unlikely case of injury

+ Participant further agrees to strictly obey Instructors and observe safety rules. Any participant that is deemed a hazard to the class based on the Instructors criteria will be set out from participation until the participant is accepting of the safety rules. This is done to keep all participants in the class engaged, learning, and safe and is not a form of punishment.


+ We will come to your child’s Elementary School 4 times per school year in sessions that are 2 months in length - 6 classes per session.

+ Class schedules are designed to accommodate National Holidays and School Closings based on PISD's published calendar.

+ No refunds or prorates will be given for your child being absent.

+ Tuition is due on/by the 1st day of the session.

+ The registration fee is due at the time of registration and is required for all NEW students to enroll in the program - this does include a new uniform.  If you withdraw your student from the program there is a six month grace period where you will not be required to pay the registration fee.  

+ An email will be sent to all previous students providing notification that registration is open for the next session.  There is an enrollment maximum determined by the elementary school - registration is based on first come, first serve.

+ DISCOUNTS | There is a discount provided for PTA Members, PISD Teachers, and families with multiple students. You may be asked to provide your proof of PTA Membership or teacher status. For the multiple family member discount to apply 2 or more students must be enrolled at the same time for the discount to apply. If students are registered under the incorrect membership option Lone Star Self Defense as the right to change the membership plan and charge the appropriate tuition.




+ Make Up classes are not available for National Holidays or School Closings - class schedules are designed to accommodate these dates.

+ Classes missed due to the student/parent means are not available for make up.

+ If classes are missed by the Instructor due to other causes a make up class will be scheduled or class will be made up by adding additional time to each normally scheduled class time.



+ Tuition is due on/by the 1st day of the session.

+ There will be a $25 fee for returned payment for insufficient funds, account decline, or changes in account information.

+ Additional Late Fees may be assessed for late payments at $5 per week

+ All payment information must be provided during registration through debit or credit card or ACH - Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted forms of payment.

+ All students or parents/guardians must have a form of payment on file.

+ All transactions are handled over SSL and are PCI-Compliant. We do not store Your credit card or account details.




+ The Instructor will provide Belt Tests when the student is deemed ready.

+ Belt Tests start at $5 for the first belt and will increase by $5 per belt rank.

+ Belt Tests will be scheduled in advance by the Instructor.

+ Full Uniform and current rank belt MUST be worn in order to test.




+ I hereby authorize Lone Star Self Defense to automatically charge my debit card or credit card or checking account for services rendered through enrollment in their program; this can include testing fees, merchandise purchased, late or administrative fees, and tuition. 

+ This authorization is valid until I provide written notification directly to Lone Star Self Defense fourteen (14) days prior to the draft date to cancel.  Tuition drafts upon registration.



+ I have read and understand this agreement and agree to its provisions. I am not under their influence of any drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicants. I am not suffering from any illness or incapacity. I am over 18 years of age. (If not over 18 years of age, parent or guardian must sign.)

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